"The American Way: Stories of Invasion" (Comma Press) is an anthology that explores the human cost of the many interventions on foreign soil, with stories by writers from affected countries- covering everything from torture in Abu Ghraib, to coups and counterrevolutionary wars in Latin America and all-out invasions in the Middle and Far East. Alongside testimonies from expert histories and ground-breaking journalists, these stories present a history that too many of us in the West pretend never happened.

Please visit the Comma Press website to learn more and purchase the book (https://commapress.co.uk/books/the-american-way?fbclid=IwAR3t--wnXVdPVC77UWcIliorHuWT4ODdYeFc94Kde9CL7Rwvdj9VhnAQtQk)


Ra Page is the founder and CEO of Comma Press, an independent publishing house that specialises in short fiction. He has previously worked as a cultural journalist, subeditor, festival coordinator, and short film maker.Orsola Casagrande Is a journalist and filmmaker. As a journalist, she worked for 25 years for the Italian daily newspaper Il Manifesto, and is currently co-editor of the web magazine Global Rights. She has translated numerous books, as well as written her own ones, titled Tower Colliery (2004, Odradek) and Berxwedan (2008, Punto Rosso). She is the editor and co-translator of Commapress’ The book of Havana and The Book of Venice, and co-editor of Kurdistan +100,  which is forthcoming from Comma.

Lina Meruane is an award-winning Chilean writer and scholar. She has published two collections of short stories and five novels, two of those translated into English, respectively titled ‘Nervous System’ and ‘Seeing Red’, both published by Atlantic. She has written an important essay on the impact and representation of the AIDS epidemic in Latin American Literature, titled Viral Voyages (Palgrave). She currently teaches Creative Writing and Global Cultures at NYU.

Huseyin Karabey is a Kurdish-Turkish film director, screenwriter and producer. His first feature film, Gitmek: My marlon and Brando was selected for the 37th Rotterdam International Film Festival and the NY Tribeca International Film, receiving the Best Director Award. His others work include the award-winning Come to my Voice (2014) and Insiders (2018).

Moderated by Matteo Capasso, Research Fellow at Ca' Foscari University of Venice and Affiliated Researcher with Security in Context.

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Jan 25, 2022
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