This is a roundup of news articles, reports, and other materials focusing on (in)security issues and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of Security in Context. The goal is to shed light on knowledge production on security-related issues of public interest from critical perspectives and from global south readings by highlighting media from four particular regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and developing Asia. Entries may include academic journal articles, think tank reports, non-governmental organizations releases, official documents or government-commissioned research, and regular news items. The material included covers SiC's key security issues: Climate Change, Security and International Relations, Migration and Displacement, Covid-19 and Capitalism, Technologies of Surveillance, Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality, Arms and the Military-industrial Complex, and Censorship. 

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Latin America and the Caribbean

Five women found dead in violent Mexican state

November 4 , 2022

Local authorities of a central Mexican state released that five women were found dead as a wave of violent crimes against women sweeps across the country. 

Haiti: ‘Triple Threat’ Of Cholera, Malnutrition And Violence Puts Young Lives At Risk

November 2, 2022

The UN committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) calls for immediate action on behalf of the

international community in order to help save young lives in Haiti due to the “triple threat” of

cholera, malnutrition, and violence that they are facing.

Bolivia in conflict with the country's richest province over shared resources

November 1, 2022

The Bolivian Minister of Productive Development announces that the export of soybeans, soy

oil, and beef are temporarily suspended as a way for the government to safeguard food security.

Suriname signs security assistance agreement with the United States

November 1, 2022

As a part of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) the governments of Suriname and the United States have signed an agreement for assistance with drug control and law enforcement.

Dozens Arrested After Gang Violence Escalates in Ecuador

November 1, 2022

A string of violent attacks leads police to arrest 28 individuals as gang violence continues to

escalate in Ecuador.


Antibody treatment tested as new tool against malaria

November 1, 2022

Research in Africa indicates a dose of an experimental antibody drug may be able to protect adults from malaria for up to six months.

Sickness, death surpass official count in DRC monkeypox outbreak

November 1, 2022

The Africa CDC believes there may be over 4,000 cases and 154 deaths associated with monkeypox in the DRC, numbers far greater than official records indicate.

Kenya: police killings point to systemic rot and a failed justice system

October 31, 2022

Police reform in Kenya is under scrutiny after President William Ruto disbanded a special police unit under investigation for killings and disappearances, including the disappearance of two Indian guests of President Ruto and their Kenyan driver.

News: Residents say drone strike killed dozens of civilians in West Shewa, Oromia region; OLF, OFC condemn relentless airstrikes across Oromia

October 25, 2022

At least 68 people have been killed in a drone strike in Ethiopia’s Ofu Bekke village, the 6th drone strike in Oromia between October 20 and October 25.

Middle East

Türkiye sets road map for urban agriculture program

November 1, 2022

The Turkish government has set up a plan to increase urban agriculture in the country, crafting a three-year plan to be launched in 14 provinces next year.

Egypt’s authorities examine 192,000 new-borns within early detection of genetic diseases initiative

October 29, 2022

As part of an initiative aimed at erasing disabilities in future births, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population will be examining 192,000 newborns born after July 13, 2021 to test early detection of genetic diseases.

Israel’s Benny Gantz relaunches defence ties with Turkey

October 27, 2022

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz has met with Turkish President Erdogan and Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, reestablishing defensive ties between Israel and Turkey.

All residents of GCC countries can now enter Oman without a visa

October 26, 2022

Residents living in countries that are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council can now enter Oman without a visa for any and all commercial reasons.

Developing Asia

Bridge collapse: PM Modi visits Morbi, meets survivors and kin of victims

November 1, 2022

India Prime Minister Narenda Modi visited the site of the Morbi bridge collapse in Gujarat after the tragedy left at least 135 people dead.

South Korea mourns, wants answers after Halloween crush kills 153

October 30, 2022

Tragedy strikes South Korea as a stampede during a Halloween celebration leaves over 150 people dead and at least 80 injured.

Elephant incursions a growing problem in Korat

October 29, 2022

In Thailand, wild elephants from Thap Lan National Park have become a growing problem in Korat, causing increased crop damage as they begin to move more frequently away from forested areas.

S. Korea to expand climate finance for developing nations: PM

October 27, 2022

South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck-soo stated South Korea would be expanding their Green Climate Fund, an international organization set to fight climate change globally.

Key Issues

This section includes the latest and most pressing news regarding SiC's key security issues.

Ethiopia government accused of drone attacks, shelling after peace deal 

November 4, 2022

Ethiopia has been accused of launching drone strikes on civilians in the Northern Tigrayrian region in violation of a recently signed peace deal. This atrocity has serious implications for the prospect of peace between the two waring parties.  

Imran Khan attack: how the event unfolded, what’s next for Pakistan

November 4, 2022

Imran Khan, former PM of Pakistan, was shot in the leg in the Punjab province in Pakistan during a protest rally. Imran was not injured badly and has already addressed the attack and his supporters. 

Opinion| The COP27, geopolitical challenges, and the demands of developing countries

November 2, 2022

Not enough pressure has been applied to developed nations, who are responsible for the most emissions, in discussions regarding climate change and sustainable development. It is important to have appropriate expectations when assessing developing countries’ place in climate talks. 

The geostrategic consequences of Lula da Silva’s re-election in Brazil aren’t as clear-cut as some might think

October 31, 2022

It is an oversimplification to classify leaders of major countries as either multipolar conservative-sovereigntists or unipolar liberal-globalists. Lula and Bolsonaro do not fit in perfectly with either of these classifications. 

Cashing in on greenwashing? Egyptian solar companies sell carbon certificates to Global North

October 30, 2022

Egyptian companies are trying to get in to the carbon certificate business which amassed a total trading value of 84 billion US dollars.

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Nov 9, 2022
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