Joel Mendez presents his study on Light-Rail transit investment and its impact on multiple cities in the United States.

Joel Mendez is an Assistant Professor in the University of Kansas' Urban Planning Program. His teaching and research interests lie at the intersection of transportation, economic development, and social justice. His research efforts focus on how cities can best address the needs of low-income minority communities via investment in transportation alternatives, and secondly, how to balance the pursuit and attainment of economic social justice-oriented objectives via transportation investment. He earned his PhD in City Planning at Florida State University.

John Harris is Director of the Regional City Planning Program and Co-Director for the Center of Peace and Development at the University of Oklahoma. Harris presents the lecture.

Kwangyul Chai is an Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. His interests include transportation planning, geography, travel behavior in urban form, and development. Chai acts as the Q&A liaison.

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Dec 4, 2021
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