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Security in Context Podcast Episode 6: Two Years of Security in Context

What has Security in Context achieved in the past two years? And what does the future hold for the project?
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Bringing Context to 'Security': the Launch of a New Project

Dominant security narratives in the West tend to obfuscate how security and insecurity are experienced and produced around the world. Centering global perspectives, often marginalized, is essential to understanding the different contexts, scales and registers of global security realities.
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Security Climate Change

Does the United States military see climate change as an immanent threat? This podcast presents a critical discussion of US military plans for climate change featuring Michael Klare, Betsy Hartmann, and Anne Hendrixson. Hosted by Omar Dahi.

Topologies of Security Workshop Keynote Address

The following keynote was delivered by Professor Samer Abboud in "Topologies of Security: Critical Security Studies in postcolonial and postsocialist scenes" a workshop organized at the Justus Liebig University Giessen on June 25th and 26th by Professors Andreas Langenohl, Dr. Philipp Lotholtz, Amina Nolte, and Dr. Andrew Dwyer.
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U.S. Foreign Policy Moving Forward: Perspectives from the Middle East

The discussion will touch on a variety of topics, including the role of the United States in the major ongoing conflicts, the costs and consequences of United States arms sales to the region