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A Transformative Participatory Approach to Addressing the Syrian Conflict

Rabie Nasser's presentation about a participatory approach to the Syrian Conflict, in the session on "Insecurity in MENA" within the inaugural Security in Context conference titled Landscapes of Insecurity.
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Launching Webinar of "Syria at War: Eight Years on” Report

Project Director Omar Dahi was one of the lead authors of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission of West Asia report "Syria at War: Eight Years On." The report offers a comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic impact of the conflict as well as prospects for peace building and recovery.

Reconciling fighters, settling civilians: the making of post-conflict citizens

The emergent illiberal peace in Syria extends the conditions of war and violence into the post-conflict period, creating new citizenship regimes that bifurcate Syrian society into the reconciled and settled and the unsettled and cast out.