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Surveillance and Securitization of Queer Bodies in Egypt

In January 2022, an Arabic version of the film Perfect Strangers became the focus of public outrage. The uproar was about more than just a controversial movie, however, and, upon closer analysis, revealed the role of undergarments in the injustice perpetrated against queer subjects.
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You Have Not Been Defeated: The Politics of Abolition

Omnia Khalil is joined by Laila Soueif, Ruth Wilson-Gilmore, and Hend Nafea to discuss Alaa el-Fattah's book "You Have Not Been Defeated."
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Global Uprising: Policing as Politics, Policing as War

Paul Amar, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Stuart Schrader, and Nikhil Pal Singh discuss global police and military structures as similar coercive bodies subject to differing levels of scrutiny.

Effects of Motherhood Timing, Breastmilk Substitutes and Education on the Duration of Breastfeeding: Evidence from Egypt

Breastfeeding has significant health and human capital effects on both mothers and infants. However, breastfeeding rates vary significantly within and across countries as societal, political, economic and cultural factors along with individual choices shape the breastfeeding practices. Using data from the Egyptian Demographic and Health Surveys, this study examines the effects of first motherhood timing, availability of breastmilk substitutes, and mothers’ education levels on breastfeeding duration in a major developing country, Egypt.