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Dr. Giulia El Dardiry on the Beirut School of Critical Security Studies and SiC

Dr. Giulia El Dardiry discusses the work of the Beirut School of Critical Security Studies collective, a working group within the Arab Council for the Social Sciences
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Professor Paul Amar presents Orfalea Center and SiC Collaboration

Professor Paul Amar, Director of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies and Professor of Global Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara on the Center's collaboration with SiC
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Professor Firat Demir on CPD at OU and SiC Collaboration

Firat Demir, Professor of Economics at the University of Oklahoma Norman and project director at the Center for Peace and Development explains the collaboration between the CPD and SiC
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Professor Fikret Adaman on Boğaziçi University and SiC Collaboration

Professor Fikret Adaman of Boğaziçi University discusses the collaboration between the Human Development Research Center and SiC.
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Rabie Nasser on the Syrian Center for Policy Research and SiC Collaboration

Rabie Nasser, co-director of the Syrian Center for Policy Research discusses possible collaborations with SiC around questions of conflict, political polarization and transnational war economies