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#YemenCan'tWait: Civil Actors and Justice Work in Yemen

Please join Security in Context with the OU Center for Middle East Studies and the OU Center for Peace and Development for, "#YemenCan'tWait: Civil Actors and Justice Work in Yemen," a talk with Stacey Philbrick Yadav.
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A Transformative Participatory Approach to Addressing the Syrian Conflict

Rabie Nasser's presentation about a participatory approach to the Syrian Conflict, in the session on "Insecurity in MENA" within the inaugural Security in Context conference titled Landscapes of Insecurity.
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Woman, Life, Freedom: A Feminist Movement Reimagines the World

While there is a long history of feminist activism in Iran, this new movement is striking in its departure from the more pragmatic and reform-oriented campaigns of the last several decades. The uprising is not against Islam or the choice to wear hijab; rather the protestors are refusing conscription into regimes of patriarchal authority and gender-differentiated citizenship.
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Surveillance and Securitization of Queer Bodies in Egypt

In January 2022, an Arabic version of the film Perfect Strangers became the focus of public outrage. The uproar was about more than just a controversial movie, however, and, upon closer analysis, revealed the role of undergarments in the injustice perpetrated against queer subjects.
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Forum Arms Trade

The Military Industrial Complex and the Middle East: A mutual extortion racket? Jodi Vittori, Samer Abboud, and Omar Dahi discuss different aspects of US foreign policy in the Middle East. Hosted by Clare O'Brien.

Critical Texts on Afghanistan

This series features short annotated entries on key topics covering politics, history, gender, political economy and culture. The list is meant to be a resource for educators and instructors as well as the interested public.
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You Have Not Been Defeated: The Politics of Abolition

Omnia Khalil is joined by Laila Soueif, Ruth Wilson-Gilmore, and Hend Nafea to discuss Alaa el-Fattah's book "You Have Not Been Defeated."
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Legacies and Aftermaths of the US "War On Terror"

Security in Context and the Orfalea Center for Global Studies at UCSB present: Legacies and Aftermaths of the US "War On Terror."
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Construction Jihad, Iran's Foreign Development Agency: Eric Lob

Firat Demir spoke with Dr. Eric Lob, a member of the SiC multipolarity working group and associate professor of International Relations at Florida International University, about his research on Iran's Foreign Development Agency "Construction Jihad."
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OilCraft and Racism's Raw Materials: Interview with Robert Vitalis

Omar Dahi interviewed Bob Vitalis about his latest book "OilCraft: The Myths of Scarcity and Security that Haunt US Foreign Policy", as well as his involvement with Security in Context multipolarity working group through his ongoing research titled "Racism's Raw Materials."
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The Kolbers of Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) with Dr. Ahmad Mohammadpour

Part II of a discussion with Dr. Ahmad Mohammadpour about his ongoing research in Iran on Kurdish issues, including pioneering research on the cross border traders knowns as the Kolbers.
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Clements Hoffman on The Geopolitics of Decarbonization in the Middle East

Dr. Clemens Hoffman, a member of the SiC political economy of multipolarity working group, discusses his research project on the geopolitics of decarbonization in the Middle East.