This is a roundup of news articles, reports, and other materials focusing on (in)security issues and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of Security in Context. The goal is to shed light on knowledge production on security-related issues of public interest from critical perspectives and from global south readings by highlighting media from four particular regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and developing Asia. Entries may include academic journal articles, think tank reports, non-governmental organizations releases, official documents or government-commissioned research, and regular news items. The material included covers SiC's key security issues: Climate Change, Security and International Relations, Migration and Displacement, Covid-19 and Capitalism, Technologies of Surveillance, Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality, Arms and the Military-industrial Complex, and Censorship. 

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Latin America and the Caribbean 

COLOMBIA: Early setback for ‘total peace’, but boost in congress

September 8, 2022

On September 2nd seven police officers were killed by an armed group in Colombia which has put pressure on president Gustavo Petro’s “total peace” efforts.

Bermuda gets off lightly as Hurricane Earl speeds by

September 9, 2022

Despite suffering some power outages throughout the island of Bermuda, Hurricane Earl which threatened the island caused no apparent serious damage or injury.

Mexico to hand army control of National Guard, sparking outcry

September 9, 2022

In response to a new bill which gives control of Mexico’s national guard over to their military, rights groups and opposition leaders are warning that this gives excessive power to the armed forces and can lead to abuses.

PERU: Political turbulence on all sides

September 8, 2022

The Peruvian president of congress, Lady Camones, was impeached for directing legislative moves that gave her party an electoral advantage.

Voters in Chile Reject a Constitution Targeting Economy, Indigenous Rights

September 4, 2022

In overwhelming numbers, Chilean voters rejected a draft of their constitution that would have undermined the balance of powers in their government as well as granted sweeping rights to indigenous people.


Brazil plans investment of US$3 billion for Angola

September 9, 2022

Brazil pledges 700 million U.S. dollars to invest in agriculture, refineries, plants, construction of central centers, and a new pharmaceutical company. This is part of a longstanding relationship between Brazil and Angola since 2002. 

Massive Oil Theft Scandals Bleeding Nigeria's Economy

September 8, 2022

According to the Nigerian government, there is an entire illegal market that utilizes stolen Nigerian oil. Over 200,00 barrels are stolen every day as the government accuses communities near pipelines of nefarious activity. 

News: UN Rights Experts urge Security Council to keep Ethiopia, Horn situation on its agenda, says Eritrean troops engaged in Tigray hostilities

September 8, 2022

The UN’s appointed Commission of Human Rights Experts have urged that the UN Security Council keep an eye on hostilities between Ethiopia’s federal army and Tigrayan forces.

Kenya’s Supreme Court Upholds Presidential Election Results

September 5, 2022

After a month-long dispute over accusations of voter fraud by former presidential candidate Raila Odinga, Kenya’s Supreme Court has upheld William Ruto’s win in the recent presidential election.

UN humanitarian chief says ‘famine at the door’ in Somalia

September 5, 2022

Martin Griffiths, head of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs, has warned that Somalia will likely face a famine sometime between October and December of this year, citing the country’s current experience with its worst drought in decades.

Middle East

Tunisian opposition to boycott December elections, decry ‘coup’

September 8, 2022

The National Salvation Front–a group representing all opposition parties in Tunisia–has announced a boycott against the upcoming December elections for parliamentary replacements after the previous parliament was dissolved by President Kais Saied.

Mada journalists charged with spreading false news, insulting Nation’s Future Party, chief editor faces charge of operating unlicensed news site

September 7, 2022

Four journalists from an independent Egyptian news outlet have been charged with publishing fake news, misusing social media, and insulting members of Parliament after publishing an article on a corruption inquiry involving the frontrunning Nation’s Future Party.

Israel delays, amends new restrictions on foreigners in West Bank

September 5, 2022

Israel has delayed a set of revised restrictions for foreigners entering the West Bank after backlash. This delay includes the removal of a paragraph wherein foreign visitors had to inform Israeli authorities about Palestinian relationships.

Egyptian, American navies carry out joint training

September 4, 2022

The U.S. and Egypt conduct joint training for the second time. The naval training focused on protecting trade routes.

Developing Asia

“Perempuan Merdeka” women’s art exhibition at the 39th Indonesia Update

September 9, 2022

This Indonesian art exhibition explores women’s reproductive and domestic roles in public and private life as well as prescribed beauty ideals. 

Climate change is hurting India’s rice crop

September 9, 2022

Weather events like excessive rainfall have caused the destruction of many crops across India, forcing farmers to find new methods to ensure the growth and prosperity of crops in the country.

One Young World Summit 2022

September 7, 2022

Thailand's C.P. group is set to sponsor 24 youth leaders who will be joining over 2,000 delegates from 190 countries for One Young World Summit 2022, where pressing world issues like gender equality, ocean conservation, and ethical leadership will be discussed.

In India’s Tech Capital, Floods Leave Workers Riding Tractors to Work

September 6, 2022

After two days of torrential rain, India’s tech capital, Bengaluru, has become flooded, resulting in water supply disruptions and difficulty navigating roads.

Key Issues

This section includes the latest and most pressing news regarding SiC's key security issues.

Taliban once again close girl's schools, sparking protests

September 10, 2022

Days after the Taliban allow women to attend secondary school in Afghanistan they close schools for women once again. This sparks major protests as women in school uniforms march through city centers. 

Queen's dark legacy still lives on

September 10, 2022

The mainstream media white-washes the Queen’s legacy and ignores the dark imperialist history of England. 

Heavy downpours, high tide prompt flood alert in capital

September 9, 2022

Bangkok raises flood threat level as heavy rains cause significant flooding. The cities outdated drainage system is not equipped to handle the increases in rainfall. 

WAFA: “Israeli court extends detention of Palestinian journalist from Jerusalem and a mother of two”

September 7, 2022

A Palestinian journalist has been detained in her home in Sheikh Jarrah. Her cellphone and her computer were confiscated as well. 

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Sep 9, 2022
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