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This month's roundup includes a section on Sudan.

Climate Change and Security

“Blah, Blah, Blah”: Youth Climate Activists Slam Political Inaction at U.N. Summit Ahead of COP26

October 4, 2021

Thousands of young activists protest in Milan ahead of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, scotland. 

Biden administration releases alarming reports on climate change challenges

October 7, 2021 

23 federal agencies released reports detailing the extreme threats climate change poses to the administration. 

Climate change may already affect 85 percent of humanity

October 11, 2021 

An analysis of thousands of scientific studies found that climate change is directly affecting over 85% of the world. 

Climate change: Carbon emissions from rich countries rose rapidly in 2021

October 14, 2021 

The G20 countries are responsible for 70% of the world's emissions and are projected to continue to emit more despite setting ambitious goals to help curb climate change.

As Western Oil Giants Cut Production, State-Owned Companies Step Up

October 14, 2021

The fossil fuel industry continues to dominate the international economy to meet global demands for goods and services. While large multinationals have slowed down production of fossil fuels, state owned oil companies in North Africa, The Middle East, and Latin America are increasing production in the wake of cutbacks from investor owned companies. 

Maldives calls for rapid and immediate action to fight climate change

October 18, 2021 

The minister of the environment for the Maldives expresses his concern for wealthy nations’ emissions as The island nation may be underwater soon. 

COP26: Praise for updated national climate plans, but ‘nowhere near’ goal

October 25, 2021 

The UN climate change office along with countries in Paris Agreement published a report that shows that international climate efforts are far from enough. 

Security and International Relations

CIA launches new China-focused unit

October 7, 2021 

The CIA formed a new unit that focuses on China as a global competitor. 

Global Money Shifts to India as Xi Cracks Down on Tech

October 11, 2021

As President Xi Jinping cracks down on China’s tech industry, foreign investors look to India. 

Judges postpone trials of three Egypt activists

October 18, 2021

Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah, who has been imprisoned since 2019, continues to endure harsh prison conditions as Egyptian judges postpone his trial. 

Jailed Egyptian Activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah Publishes Prison Writings as Sisi Cracks Down on Dissent

October 21, 2021 

The United States is withholding 10% of its military aid to Egypt due to human rights abuses. Egypt holds approximately 60,000 political prisoners. This included famous Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El-Fattah, who just recently published his writings from prison.

Biden’s pick for China ambassador says ‘we cannot trust the Chinese’ on Taiwan

October 21, 2021 

Biden’s ambassador to China calls their foreign policy “aggressive and untrustworthy” which reinforces an adversarial foreign policy. 

Gunfire and sectarian anger renew civil war fears in Lebanon

October 22, 2021

Gunfire rang out at Lebanon’s capital from Hezbollah and other Shia groups who are calling for the removal of judge Tarek Bitar who is leading the investigation of the Beirut explosion that happened more than a year ago. This violent protest is part of a larger conflict between Shia groups who attribute the political and economic crisis to a corrupt sectarian government.

Lebanon uprising protesters anxiously await military court trials

October 23, 2021 

Lebanon continues to suffer from a devastating political and economic meltdown as petroleum shortages cripple the economy and governmental transition creates disarray. Many are protesting the ineffective Lebanese government.

Migration and Displacement

Guatemala police free 126 migrants from abandoned container

October 10, 2021 

126 migrants were rescued by authorities in Guatemala after they were abandoned in a shipping container. More than 100 came from Haiti. 


EU, fearful of refugee crisis, delays response on Afghan asylum

October 15, 2021 

There are still hundreds of thousands of Afghans seeking refuge and the EU is worried there will be another refugee crisis. 

Biden admin to build intelligence-gathering cell to track groups of migrants headed north

October 18, 2021

The Department of Homeland Security is planning to develop an intelligence gathering cell in order to track and record migrant movements more effectively. 


Humanitarian assistance stepped up on Yemen's west coast, amid clashes

October 20, 2021 

Humanitarian aid Mass displacement continues to ramp up in Yemen as ongoing violence calls for more humanitarian aid. 


The Refugee Brief, 22 October 2021

October 22, 2021 

The UNHCR Refugee Brief includes stories about migrants at the Belarus border, South Sudan, and Myanmar. 


EU to keep fighting Belarus’s “weaponization” of migrants

October 22, 2021 

The EU continues to crack down on the President of Belarus for aiding the illegal immigration and smuggling of people across the Belarusian border. 


Migrant caravan grows as it heads through southern Mexico

October 27, 2021 

A large migrant caravan of over 4000 people continues to grow as it moves through Mexico. 

Covid-19, Capitalism & Economy

Wealthy Nations Denounced for Hoarding COVID-19 Vaccines

October 12, 2021

Doctors without Borders denounced the United States for hoarding excess vaccines and not spearheading a collaborative international effort to vaccinate those in developing countries.  

Moscow is going back into lockdown as Covid-19 deaths multiply in Russia

October 21, 2021

Moscow recently entered another lockdown as it suffered its worst stretch of the pandemic. According to its Mayor, the capital city “will reach historic peaks in covid cases.”

Just 14% of Vaccines Pledged to Poorer Nations Have Been Delivered as Rich Countries Hoard Doses

October 22, 2021

A new report found that developing nations are not receiving their vaccine donations from wealthier nations. In fact, only 14% of people have received theirs. 

Colin Powell, Who Shaped U.S. National Security, Dies at 84

October 22, 2021

Former Secretary of State, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and national security adviser, Colin Powell died of Covid-19 despite being vaccinated. Colin Powell is famously known for lying to the UN regarding Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of WMDs.

Public Citizen Blasts Pfizer for Putting Corporate Profit Over Increasing Access to COVID Vaccines

An organization found that Pfizer played a major role in the restriction of vaccines. 

Here’s Why Developing Countries Can Make mRNA Covid Vaccines

October 22, 2021

Big Pharma executives say that licensing their vaccines in developing countries is “too complex.” This highlights the damage of the profit incentive in medicine.

Moderna agrees to sell up to 110 million Covid vaccine doses to African countries.

October 26, 2021 

After receiving scrutiny for their responsibility in the lack of access to vaccines for poorer nations, Moderna has agreed to sell 110 million vaccines to African countries. 

Technologies of surveillance/Data Analytics/AI

The FBI’s Other Secret Warrant Abuses

October 5, 2021 

Despite the FBI’s consistent violation of federal surveillance laws, congress has not made an effort to revive significant privacy legislation. 

China’s data-driven dream to overhaul health care

October 6, 2021

China continues to further incorporate technology into their medical system including AI medical research.  

China’s cameras face fresh scrutiny in Europe

October 6, 2021 

Hikvision, a surveillance technology firm which provides surveillance cameras throughout Europe, has a major vulnerability to hackers. 

Global Data Flows Rated Toughest Task for Privacy Compliance

Privacy professionals find it difficult to comply with laws that restrict the flow of information across different areas. 

Indian supreme court orders inquiry into state’s use of Pegasus spyware

October 27, 2021

The Indian supreme court is launching an inquiry into the Modi government's use of surveillance technology to spy on journalists and political opponents. 

Unmanned tech dominates Turkey’s border security summit

October 28, 2021

A major defense conference in Turkey gave Turkish officials an opportunity to explain the importance of arming and surveying the Turkish border at all times. 

Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality

Inequalities between ethnic groups are stark, new UN report reveals 

October 7, 2021 

An in depth UN report found that in many countries there are major economic inequalities between ethnic groups. 

Nobel Prize: We will not have gender or ethnicity quotas - top scientist

October 12, 2021 

The academy that awards the Nobel Prize has made it clear that they will not give out the award on the basis of gender or ethnicity but rather on the significance of their discovery. 

The Racial Makeup of America’s Prisons

October 13, 2021

Black Americans are incarcerated 5 times more than White Americans but this disproportionality is more intense in many places. 

Opponents of critical race theory seek to flip school boards

October 15, 2021

After the Guilford school system made active efforts to address racial issues, the overwhelmingly white community pushed back against the more socially progressive policies, namely, critical race theory. . 

Across religious groups, a majority of Black Americans say opposing racism is an essential part of their faith

October 19, 2021 

The majority of religious Black Americans say opposing racism is extremely important. 

With racial attacks on the rise, Asian Americans fear for their safety

October 22, 2021

An increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans has heightened fears according to a NPR poll. 

FBI Releases Updated 2020 Hate Crime Statistics

October 25, 2021 

The FBI releases in depth statistics on hate crimes including type of hate, location of crime, and demographics of offenders. 

Arms, Weapons, and Military Industrial Complex

Afghan Arms Dealers are Now Selling Abandoned American Guns

October 6, 2021 

Gun merchants in Afghanistan are now openly selling U.S. military equipment. In the last two years alone, the U.S. has spent over 2.6 billion on the Afghani military. 

Analysis: N.Korea threatens to upstage S.Korea defence expo with duelling military show

October 14, 2021

North Korea holds a defense expo right as South Korea has its own arms convention.The timing of North Korea’s military expo seems to have been deliberate. 

U.S. concerned by possible Chinese, Russian uses of hypersonic weapons

October 18, 2021 

The United States is concerned that China might be testing hypersonic nuclear weapons which are missiles that travel more than 5 times the speed of sound. China denies these allegations. 

Choosing its ‘Gates’: US Punishes Russia But is Giving UAE Free Pass

October 19, 2021

While the U.S. mainstream media fixated on alleged Russian Interference in the 2016 election, evidence has surfaced that the UAE also may have been involved. However, the U.S. continues to sell them weapons. 

Putin says Western military backing of Ukraine threatens Russia

October 21, 2021

Military development between the U.S. and the Ukraine is threatening to Putin and Russia.

Agents of Doom: Who is creating the apocalypse and why

October 26, 2021

Those who contribute most to climate change and control the most nuclear weapons are the ones who go unchecked and can act almost entirely with impunity. 


Sudan coup: Protests continue after military takeover

October 17, 2021 

Protests continue to ring out to the point where the military general leading the coup declared a state of emergency. 

Sudan security forces arrest PM Abdalla Hamdok, ministers

October 25, 2021

The Sudanese military has detained Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok as well as other members of leadership. There are many who are protesting this. 

Sudan: Release prime minister and all those arbitrarily arrested

October 25, 2021

Amnesty International calls for the release of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok  as well as other members of political leadership in Sudan who have been arrested. 

The coup in Sudan could threaten U.S. influence in a strategically important region

October 26, 2021 

Sudan was on its way to a democracy but the recent coup challenges the previously promising “pocket of stability” in Africa. 

Seven killed, 140 hurt in protests against Sudan military coup

October 26, 2021 

As the Sudanese military assumed control of the country there was a violent clash between soldiers and protestors leaving several dead and many wounded. 

South Sudan: How to deliver Covid vaccines in a country with few roads

October 15, 2021 

Sudan, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the world (less than 1%), shows the horrific inequality in vaccine distribution.

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