Political Economy of Multipolarity and New South-South Relations

Political Economy of Multipolarity and New South-South Relations examines the nexus of economic/financial-political-security infrastructures and linkages alongside the human-development implications of the rise of new global powers, and changing relations among global South countries.

Research Lead:
Omar Dahi
Firat Demir

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Diplomacy of Masks: China and the Crisis of Populism in South America

Paul Amar explores China's role in South American politics and development in light of COVID19, focusing on how the country leverages right and left leaning policies in the region to aid in its extractive model of cooperation.

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Public Launch of the SiC Initiative

Omar Dahi introduces the SiC initiative. Members of our global network discuss their research themes.

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Indicative Resources

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Book Panel February 18th: Inter-imperiality by Laura Doyle

February 19, 2021

Please join us for a panel to discuss "Inter-imperality: Vying Empires, Gendered Labor, and the Literary Arts of Alliance" with author Laura Doyle, Kate Bedford, & Scarlett Cornelissen & moderated by Mark Laffey.

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