Landmine Clearance, Rats, and Peacebuilding in Cambodia

December 28, 2021

Daniel Mains talks with Darcie DeAngelo about the relationship between landmine clearance, use of rats to detect landmines, and peacebuilding in Cambodia.

Darcie DeAngelo is an Assistant Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from McGill University. She was recently a post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention at Binghamton University. She is the author of an in-process manuscript, Beloved Technologies: On Bombs and Rats in a Cambodian Minefield, connected to a special series at the University of California.

DeAngelo's website can be found here:

Daniel Mains is an Associate Professor of Anthropology and African Studies and is on the Executive Committee for the Center for Peace and Development at the University of Oklahoma. Mains asks as the interviewer in this discussion.

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