Security in Context’s pedagogy initiative consists of a variety of outputs aimed at both educators as well as students, activists, and general audiences. Visit the various tabs to explore the different pedagogical projects.

Teaching Modules

Developing our Teaching Modules entails the development of an online curated interactive platform for critical security studies, critical global studies, and international political economy resources, specifically tailored for the needs of teachers, researchers, and students. Once produced the modules will become a one-stop-shop for course design on the macro level, lesson planning on the micro level, and for scholarship vis-a-vis specific topics, countries, and disciplines. The goal is to reorient the way educators and students research, learn, and teach the critical approaches to security, global and political economy studies. The Teaching Modules will be developed as part of a special collaboration between Security in Context and MESPI

Critical Texts on Security

Security in Context’s “Critical Texts on Security” Series features short annotated entries on key topics covering politics, history, gender, political economy and culture. The Critical Texts on Security Series are produced collaboratively by the Security in Context network.
Find our first critical texts here.

Critical Lexicon

The Critical Lexicon series serves Security in Context’s public pedagogy mission in critiquing and producing alternative understanding to dominant frames, practices and concepts of security. The goal of the series is to produce condensed encyclopaedia style critical definitions of key security related concepts.


Our pedagogical videos are designed to be used by educators at the high school and undergraduate level in courses on international affairs, international political economy and critical security studies.

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