Financialization & Militarism

Financialization and Militarism explores the intersection of the financialization of the global economy and the militarization of production.

Research Lead:
Shana Marshall
Firat Demir

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Working Paper: Financialization and Militarization: An Empirical Investigation

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Working Paper: Arms, Tanks, and Munitions: The Relationship Between Profits and Monopoly Conditions

In this paper, Heidi Peltier explores the question of whether a lack of competition in the arms-tanks-munitions (ATM) industries results in higher profits for the monopolistic firms.

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The Defense Industry's Role in Militarizing US Foreign Policy

How the defense industry's endless quest for profit is a direct diver of endless warfare and militarization.

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A Not-So Modest Proposal to Nationalize the Defense Industry

A case for a decentralized US defense industry as a means to democratize foreign policy.

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Dr. Heidi Peltier on Falling Profits, Monopoly Power and Arms Manufacturers

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Military Spending and the Profit Rate under Capitalism: Adem Elveren

In this video, Professor Adem Elveren, a member of the Security in Context Financialization and Militarism working group, presents the main findings of his latest book The Economics of Military Spending: A Marxist Perspective (Routledge 2019).

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Conflict Economies in Syria: Roots, Dynamics, & Pathways for Change

Bassam Haddad, Co-Editor of Jadaliyya, Interviews Omar Dahi and Rabie Nasser on the recently released report: “Roots, Dynamics, and Pathways for Change.” The paper is part of a series of on Development Policy Dialogue initiative and can be downloaded in full on SCPR’s website, both in English and Arabic.

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Dr. Shana Marshall explains Financialization and Militarization

Dr. Shana Marshall explains the Financialization and Militarization research track of Security in Context

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Security Climate Change

Does the United States military see climate change as an immanent threat? This podcast presents a critical discussion of US military plans for climate change featuring Michael Klare, Betsy Hartmann, and Anne Hendrixson. Hosted by Omar Dahi.

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Forum Arms Trade

The Military Industrial Complex and the Middle East: A mutual extortion racket? Jodi Vittori, Samer Abboud, and Omar Dahi discuss different aspects of US foreign policy in the Middle East. Hosted by Clare O'Brien.

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