Endemic Infrastructures

‘Endemic Infrastructures’ examines the relationship between the politics of security and its intersections with data flows, technological systems and the built environment. The project examines the circulatory logics of data-driven technologies of surveillance, security and data capture, how these systems are shaping ongoing transformations of space, mobility, and conflict, as well as the ethical and practical implications of these transformations for people’s daily lives. 

Research Lead:
Nicole Grove

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Forum: Militarization 2.0: Communication and the Normalization of Political Violence in the Digital Age

A collection of essays from various authors explores how new information and communication technologies normalize the use of military force through militarization. 

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Professor Nicole Grove Presents Endemic Infrastructures Research Track

Professor Nicole Grove, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawai'i Manoa presents an overview of the "Endemic Infrastructures" thematic track.

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Indicative Resources

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Book Panel February 18th: Inter-imperiality by Laura Doyle

February 19, 2021

Please join us for a panel to discuss "Inter-imperality: Vying Empires, Gendered Labor, and the Literary Arts of Alliance" with author Laura Doyle, Kate Bedford, & Scarlett Cornelissen & moderated by Mark Laffey.

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