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George Fourlas & Omar Dahi


August 1, 2022

Global Insecurity: Blog Launch

Welcome to Global Insecurity.


On behalf of the Security in Context (SiC) initiative, we are excited to introduce Global Insecurity, SiC’s online magazine and blog. 


SiC is an international research initiative that aims to redefine the policies and practices of ‘security’ and influence debates on the futures of war, militarism, and international political economy. We envision a world in which security is defined not by militarism and fear, but by human well-being, global solidarity, and a livable planet. SiC’s team of international scholars foregrounds the needs of societies over states to demonstrate why rethinking military and security policy is key to addressing the world’s most pressing problems, including global inequalities and environmental injustice. As a source of new research, debates, and pedagogical tools, Global Insecurity will serve as an essential resource on global issues. 


With this mission in mind, Global Insecurity serves multiple purposes. First, Global Insecurity will draw on the expertise of SiC scholars and highlight research, interviews, and briefs from SiC research projects. Second, Global Insecurity will publish work from outside contributors and serve as a forum for analysis and debate on pressing global issues. 


Keep an eye out for new content in the coming weeks and, should you be inspired, please consider submitting your article ideas. We will consider articles that are analytically compelling and related to a topic on global (in)security, broadly defined. This could include, but is not limited to, critical international relations and political economy; multipolarity; great power competition and the global South; race, gender, and (in)security; transnational war economies; and critical security studies. 


Potential authors should send a one- to three-sentence pitch to You may also send complete articles, but pitches are preferred. We do not have the capacity to respond in detail to each submission, but a Global Insecurity editor will be in touch if your entry is accepted.


Commentary pieces should be between 500 to 750 words, and analytical articles range between 1000 and 2500 words, although, in some circumstances, essays may exceed that limit. Links to reputable sources should be embedded in the text.


In solidarity,


George Fourlas, Global Insecurity Managing Editor 

Omar Dahi, Director, Security in Context

George Fourlas & Omar Dahi

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