Security in Context is an interdisciplinary research and pedagogy initiative that promotes critical research and policy analysis on key questions on peace and conflict, the political economy of security and insecurity, militarism, and geopolitics particularly as they intersect with the processes of climate change, population movement, and reorganization of global powers.


The Security in Context (SiC) project challenges dominant paradigms and practices and seeks to produce and disseminate new thinking about (in)security, geopolitics and global political economy. For too long, discussions about issues of global importance have excluded critical voices in developing and emerging countries. These include debates about economic precarity and increasing inequalities, the crisis of climate change and ecological destruction and endless militarism and warfare. We wish to highlight perspectives from parts of the global community that are most affected by the pursuit of security to highlight the consequences of security practices and frames on societies, markets, institutions, states in the global South.

The project works through producing in-house research, creating networks and partnerships with hubs located in the global South, and promoting scholarly exchange and public engagement.

Security in Context Team

Amal Ahmed
Samer Abboud
Katty Alhayek
Paul Amar
Shana Marshall
Raymond Caraher
Omar S. Dahi
Firat Demir

Nicole Grove
Pete Moore
Clare O'Brien
E. Ahmet Tonak
Basileus Zeno
Michael Klare
Jon Jones
Andrew Byler

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Contact us at admin@securityincontext.com if you have inquiries or if you are interested in contributing to Security in Context.


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